Age of Evolution has been gaining a lot of traction after its initial release. The game has a lot to offer to the mobile gaming world. In this article, we will discuss the Age of Evolution beginner’s guide and tips. 

Age of Evolution is a strategy game. In this game, you can control the tribe and guide its transition from the stone age to the information age. We have curated a beginner’s guide for you. This Age of Evolution beginner guide with tips covers everything that beginners should know before diving in. The game is accessible on Google Play.

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Age Of Evolution Beginner’s Guide

Develop Buildings and Upgrade them

The first thing to do after entering the game is to develop or construct a building, without doing so you won’t be able to move forward in the game. Every civilization will develop with adequate facilities, technology, military power, and other infrastructure. So, the game has given you three sorts of buildings, and you can add buildings from each of these three categories to establish a civilization. 

The three building types are military, economy, and accessory, and each category contains a variety of buildings that require different prerequisites to unlock. Furthermore, building these buildings or facilities will cost you a variety of resources, and the construction procedure will only take a few seconds.

As soon as you construct buildings, you must improve them because each one will provide an output and correctly contribute to your civilization. Therefore, you can improve results by upgrading the facilities. Your civilization will advance more quickly if its outcomes become richer. 

Summon Heroes

You will come across numerous tribes who attempt to assault your civilization as it is being built. As the tribe’s leader at that time, you must assist to fend off the enemy’s assaults and exterminate each of them. As a result, you can call heroes for yourself in the game.

To summon heroes, you must first construct an altar. Once it is complete, you can tap it to access the summoning area. There are two summoning banners there: a premium summon banner and a standard summon banner. You can infer from the name that premium summons grants you, superior heroes, while regular summons grants you less powerful heroes. However, you can call heroes for your games to strengthen your army by employing both of these flags. You can call one or five heroes at once, and you require a specific number of summoning coins from each banner.


You can now tap on the enemy tribes and send units to combat alongside them after summoning the strongest heroes. When the battle begins, your forces must face a predetermined number of enemy waves over a certain amount of time. You will lose the challenge if you are unable to use your units to defeat every enemy wave in the allotted amount of time.


The heroes you send into battle have ultimate skills, which you can use once the necessary energy has been gathered. Your units will automatically assault the enemies in this situation, thus your only option is to employ your ultimate powers. For your civilization to advance from the stone age to the information age, you must strengthen its military. You should also then try to train your units for effective results.

You can begin training soldiers and strengthen your military once you have constructed the facilities needed. You need more resources to finish training troops once you start; else, you will not be able to train them. Additionally, the full process of training troops will take a short while.

This concludes our Age of Evolution beginner’s guide and tips to dominate. We hope you find this article helpful. You should also check out our Airship Knights Guide For Beginners To Get Started.

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