COD Mobile developers recently revealed all the new lucky draws that are upcoming in Season 1 2024. The name of Season 1 will be Soldier’s Tole having the Green and Light Yellow theme. The Characters in the new lucky draws are attractive and designed excellently. There are a total of 5 Lucky Draws which will come to Season 1, having 3 Male and 2 Female Skins. It also includes 5 Legendary weapons with the new LW3 – Tundra Sniper. The release dates are not confirmed for all Lucky Draws but will come on different dates. However, the release order is confirmed.

Here are the Upcoming Lucky Draws in Season 1 2024 in COD Mobile:

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Moonlight Howl Draw:

1. Templar – Wolden Raider:

The Templar-Wolden Raider is a male skin with a leopard-like mask. The dressing colors include white and black, having a lot of stuff. The character is feeling like a haunted leopard.

2. AS Val – Nights Howl:

The AS Val – Nights Howl is a Legendary weapon whose color scheme and design suit their character’s dress. The design is attractive, especially the knives after the barrel.

Mortal Fear Draw:

1. Codename: Lazarus – Mortal Fear:

The Codename: Lazarus – Mortal Fear character is inspired by the Mortal Combat game. The face is covered with a Mask with yellow glasses, which makes this skin attractive. The Chest has a large mask that looks amazing, especially with the Package gun.

2. M4 LMG Micro Nuked:

This Lucky Draw is best for M4 LMG Lovers, as the gun skin is designed to provide an attractive look. The color scheme of this Gun is White and Black, the green and Orange material on some portions.

Crimson Cloak Draw:

1. Sophia: Blood-Red Hood:

Sophia: Blood-Red Hood is a female skin with a red and black dress. It wears a black mask and red hat, which looks great with the overall dress.

2. LW3-Tundra Crimson Jaws:

LW3 – Tundra is the upcoming sniper in Season 1 COD Mobile. This lucky draw features LW3 – Tundra skin with a light blue, green, and black color scheme. The Stock and Scope are colored light blue, which gives it a Winter feeling, rest of all is green and red.

Glass Slippers Draw:

1. Fiona St. George – Shattered Glass:

This is a female skin that offers black dressing. The face is not covered with a Mask, which makes it different from some other female characters.

2. PDW-57 – Glass Slicer:

The PDW-57 – Glass Slicer offers a blue and white color scheme, with a small amount of yellow material. This Legendary SMG offers a well-customized look, compared with a simple PDW-57.

Plague Draw:

1. Witch Doctor – Doctor Raven:

The Witch Doctor character offers a large black hat, eagle-like face, and green flashing. It looks more attractive than all previous characters, as their hat looks pretty amazing with the overall dress.

2. CR-56 Amax Distemper:

CR-56 Amax Distemper is a Legendary Assault weapon that offers a white color scheme. It looks great in the hand of the Witch Doctor character.

These 5 Lucky Draws will come order-wise, the first will come at 1st Lucky and the last will come at 5th Lucky Draw. I am excited for the Last Lucky Draw, i.e. Plague Draw because of its Skin.

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