One of the best things about old games being remastered and ported is it gives people the chance to try those old games that were slightly too difficult when they were younger, and thanks to indie studio Cyan, mobile users can now experience the best-selling PC game of the 20th century, Myst.

The port announcement comes during the year of Myst’s 30th anniversary and is definitely a game that earned all its fame and glory back when it was released. Set on the eponymous Myst Island, you are dumped straight into the thick of it with almost zero story and not much guidance. All you can do is explore. Myst featured no real enemies and no death, leaving you with just an island to conquer and puzzles to solve.

30 years is an exceptionally long time in gaming, so Cyan has given Myst a bit of a glow-up for the modern age. There is new art, sounds and interactions, which will hopefully remain true to the original. Myst is an icon for a reason, so we just want a tune-up, not a rethinking. The biggest change seems to be the introduction of optional puzzle randomization, which might be fun for anyone doing a second playthrough, but luckily it isn’t mandatory.

If you are a try before you buy player, Cyan has announced that everyone will be able to explore the entirety of Myst Island for free, so if you are just in it for the locales, you can fill your boots. For those that want to continue the story and go through more of the games “Ages”, there will be a one-off fee of $14.99, however, a special introductory discount is being planned for launch.

Now, there is a bit of bad news, and let’s start with the worst. Myst is only going to release on iOS, so Android users will have to go shopping if they want to play it. There is no release date noted, however, the developers state they want it out for the 30th anniversary, so most likely it will come out at some point this year.

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