If you are searching for a survival RPG game with rich features, your search ends here. Released by DevVision Games, Dead Island: Survival RPG is available to its users as an early access mode. Go on a thrilling adventure, live in a shelter, and decorate it to make a house. Fight with the undead creature waves coming from all over the forest. Dead Island comes with phenomenal gameplay and 3d graphics to make you fall in love with this survival RPG.

Explore exciting locations and craft weapons and items to be part of a great storyline. Mine and gather resources from the forest and bind them together to create useful things for survival. You can craft most of the items in the game, watch the recipe, and collect materials to make the item you want. As we have mentioned earlier, Dead Island is rich in features. Therefore, we won’t be able to cover all things, so we have discussed an essential guide about the game below and some valuable tips you can use in the game.

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Guide To Play Dead Island

The game will start by explaining a little intro story. Use the D-pad to move the character. Use your weapons to kill the zombies if encountered. If you get attacked by a zombie, use medkit to restore the HP. As you move ahead in the game, you will find a shelter; you must fix the shelter to live there and complete the mission. Pick up items as you roam around, and use the things to build something useful. Always look for long-range weapons like guns and ammos because the zombies can attack you anytime, and killing them with a sword or close-range weapon is risky. Rest in the shelter on a bed or sofa when your character feels tired. The game is a little confusing, and they haven’t given any proper tutorial, so we advise you to stick to the game’s main story and do the missions.

Essential Tips To Survive Longer

Tip #1 Regain Energy

Since it’s a survival game, your character’s health should be your primary objective. You don’t only have to save your character from the zombie but also from starvation. Collect eating and drinking resources wherever you find them and use them when you feel thirsty or hungry. Always store eatables in your bag pack or any storage boxes in the shelter. You never know when you will need them.

Tip #2 How To Increase Space In The Inventory/Bag-pack?

It is vital in the game that you have enough space to store things and move around. In starting, you will be given minimal space, but you must increase that to move further in the game. Keep an eye on the boxes; you must find a bag to increase the inventory space.

Dead Island Beginners Guide

Tip #3 Build Storage Boxes

We have already discussed how vital item storage is in the game. You don’t get much space in the inventory, so what can you do to store valuable items? You can build storage boxes in your shelter with the help of materials you gather in the forest. After making the storage boxes, you can store the valuable item and only take the necessary things with you.

This was all for the tips. Thank you for reading this article. We hope it helps improve your gameplay—download Dead Island: Survival RPG from Google Play. Visit Mobile Gaming Hub for more content like this and the latest mobile gaming news to keep you updated.

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