Have you ever been granted a boon by the benevolent Visnu, or aided in the midst of combat by the mighty Ra? How about accepting the gracious assistance of Baldr as you fight to ward off hordes of enemies at the gate? EF Defense not only challenges your tower defence skills but also engages you with unique maps that are anything but static – these mighty Guardians will lend a hand when needed across colourful stages and with over 70 Heroes.

The tower defence genre might be familiar to most players, but what else can you expect to dive into with Ekkorr’s new game?

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Unique unit types and guardians

As you step into the game, you’ll encounter more than 8 maps with dynamic elements that are key to your defence. You’ll deploy warriors to keep invading enemies at bay across six tribes, and each one has its own unique playstyle. In particular, Heroes from the Human, Elf, Orc, Undead, Angel and Demon tribes will also have various weapons, armour and accessories you can equip to boost your combat power, with over 200 kinds of equipment to discover.

Of course, you will also have legendary gods (12 Guardians) that can support you during battles, each with its own set of mighty skills that can buff your warriors or wipe out enemies in a single blow.

Deep resource-gathering mechanic

To make sure that your heroes and your structures are at the top of their game in combat, you’ll need to gather resources to level them up. Heroes can be upgraded along with their equipment and maps, and these resources can be acquired via the village harvesting systems.

You can also do some dungeon farming to make sure you’ve got enough resources to improve your troops’ survivability, as well as buy important materials at the shop to complete your requirements. Other structures include the Pub for recruiting heroes, the Soul Union where you can share your high-level hero’s abilities with your low-level ones, the Temple of Blessings where you can evolve warriors above Epic into higher grades, and the Hall of Territory where you can boost harvest efficiency and other buffs.

Special dungeons and challenging campaigns

There are over 10 types of combat campaigns for you to explore, as well as different kinds of dungeons depending on whatever suits your fancy. The Instant dungeons, for example, are special daily dungeons that you can challenge a limited number of times daily. Here, you can farm resources such as Gold, Soul stone, Mana stone and Earth Seeds.

On the other hand, the Event dungeons are only available for a limited time, and can yield points that you can use to redeem Units or Resources in the store. Meanwhile, the Basic campaigns offer you scenario dungeons where you can score bountiful rewards on your first clear.

Adrenaline-pumping PvP and live updates

For the more competitive players, the Arena offers an avenue for players to go head-to-head in a 6v6-unit battle between two players. The Grand Arena is for 3 teams of 6 heroes to duke it out in a best-of-3 match.

Even more exciting is that players can look forward to a special update to the game where they can awaken their heroes to increase their skills’ potency. The Hero Awakening feature, in particular, lets players use Pet Fragments to awaken their hero as soon as their pet hits 5 stars. This update also increases the maximum level cap from 3 to 4.

Additionally, players can look forward to welcoming the new Death Knight into the fray. With his Grim Reaper pet and his set of 4 powerful skills, he can be a true force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. His Death Blade skill, for instance, lets him deal 101% of his attack to a foe – the clincher is that every 4th successful hit will land 94% of his attack as an extra bonus.

His Rampage of Darkness skill, on the other hand, can boost his Haste by 40% and those of nearby undead heroes by 25%, while his Death Knight’s Command skill boosts the Accuracy and Evasion of all fellow Undead & Demon warriors by 40%.

If you’re a big fan of the tower defence genre or you’re simply eager to get your hands on a vibrant and dynamic game with engaging combat and unique maps, you can download EF Defense on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. You can also join the community of followers on the official Twitter page and on Medium to know more.

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