If you’ve watched any YouTube videos recently, you will of seen approximately one kaflobbityjillion adverts for Magic: The Gathering, which makes it the perfect time for Puzzle & Dragons to bring back the old crossover. GungHos’ hit puzzle game will be giving players another chance to recruit Planeswalkers and creatures in this event featuring one of the world’s most popular TCG.

Now to get the disappointment out the way, Arlinn and Garruk do not appear to be up for grabs. Instead, you will need to settle for the likes of Urza, Mishra, Elspeth Tirel, and Wrenn and Seven, not a bad spread all things considered. You will be able to take your new friends into five exclusive dungeons and prove yourself a Magic Master.

The eponymous Magic: The Gathering Dungeon is probably where you will spend a lot of this event for one big reason; Collab Medals. As you grind these medals, a first-time clear of the Expert floor will give you a pull on the Memorial Egg Machine. Then, spend your medals at the Monster Exchange and recruit powerful new friends like Ertai and Black Lotus.

After you’re bored of medal hunting, head over to the Colosseum, where teams led by a specified character will have a 100% drop rate and a guarantee of monsters like Rainbow Metal Dragon. There are two clear rewards offered here; an Egg pull from the Multiverse Legend floor, and a Black Event Medal from the Annihilation Floor. You can tackle this event with two friends if you need backup.

When you are ready with your tough new team, take on the Elesh Norn Descended event, with a guaranteed Elesh Norn drop, and one pull from the six-star plus egg machine, then wrap up your multiverse conquest by beating the Title Challenge, and claiming the moniker of Magic: The Gathering.

Puzzle & Dragons is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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