At this point, I am sure everyone has heard of Runescape, and or Runescape Classic. It has been going strong for 23 years, with constant content and story coming out. Luckily for fans of the game, or fantasy in general, Jagex has announced an expansion to Gielinor’s lore, in the form of a new fantasy novel; Runescape: The Gift of Guthix.

The first of a planned trilogy, The Gift of Guthix is a tale of civil war, the origin of magic, and the less-than-successful Fremennik Great Invasion. Lord Raddallin is gathering an army of tribes to his cause, helped by his advisors comprised of Black and White knights, all cautious of one another.

Word reaches the camp of a mysterious new power in the north that could change the fate of the land, and so a lowly scribe and the son of a Jarl find themselves caught in the fat of Raddallin’s new Kingdom. The story follows the rise of Falador with the removal of the Zamorakians from Asgarnia, and the introduction of magic to Fielinor.

The Gift of Guthix is written by Erin M. Evans, and there isn’t many more qualified in fantasy than she. Her portfolio includes several Forgotten Realm novels under Wizards of the Coast, including Brimstone Angels, winner of the 2011 Scribe Award. She also designs content for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms and is a cast member in Dungeon Scrawlers, a D&D actual playgroup. Suffice to say, you’re in for a good read, especially for only $16.95 from TitanBooks.

When you read it and decide you haven’t had enough Runescape lore, you can go ahead and pre-order the second tale in this saga; The Fall of Hallowvale. Releasing November 5th for $17.99, it follows the Everlight, Queen Efaritay and their army in an epic story against dark forces who threaten to overrun the city of Hallowvale.

There is much lore to discover in Gielinor, and even more to create with your own journey, if you download Runescape from the App Store and Google Play.

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