The strategic tower defence King Of Defense III: Survival is proving to be a lot more interesting to thousands of players. Released by GCenter, this game is available on Google Play and the App Store. Starting out as a beginner here might require some great tips so that you know the game mechanics by heart. So here is your chance to sweep the rewards of the battles and clear stages like a pro! Let’s get this started! 

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Tower Types To Know 

Towers are crucial in the King Of Defense III game. The major defence structures in the game are the towers. You will find Archer Tower, Turret, Ice, and Guard Tower in the game. Each of them operates in a different way. The archer goes with its name and has long-range attacks with great speeds. Turret helps in blowing fire shells. Ice tower is great to give a cold wave and the guard tower summons a number of guards required to fight with enemies. 

Focus On Building Base Towers 

The base towers throw seeds, freeze, give out fire attacks, and do a lot more jobs when you build them and upgrade them. We would advise you to keep building your base towers whenever it is prompted and also make sure to have more towards the castle entrance. Handling troops will be a lot easier in this way. 

The moment you see the Green Upward Arrow you should consider using resources to upgrade towers or else you might fail the stage. 

Upgrade Your Heroes

Hero upgrades will cost you diamonds. The upgrades you make to your hero will help it become stronger. Additionally, your hero would have Skills attached to them which you will unlock at later stages. You can increase Damage, Health, and other stats for your hero. Make sure to equip them with the best equipment, skills, skins, etc. that add up to the total power of the hero. 

Many heroes will be available as you go to higher stages. Make sure to learn about the best ones in the properties section. 

Selecting Abilities In The Game 

So here there is no such thing as owning the abilities rather you get ability cards pop up during your matches. Of course, as you level up these cards will be of more variety too. Now you are in the middle of the match and you have to choose one ability to stay strong. Abilities can be of many types like increasing base damage, heal, attack speed, etc. In the very initial waves, we would recommend keeping any HP abilities you have stronger as it will be needed in boss waves. Always focus on 3 to 4 abilities and keep on choosing them for a better effect. 

When you complete a wave you get to choose an ability. 

King Of Defense III: Survival Abilities Tips

Inside The Shop

The shop offers you exciting goodies. You might be lucky to have Crystal, Gemstones, or more resources of the game for free by watching ads a day. 

Conquer With Codes 

If you have not heard of codes before then let us know how it works. You will have a Redeem Code or Gift Code. Inside the game there will be a redemption centre and entering the code there will enable your account to have awesome resources. These codes are the best way to redeem and can be found on official game pages. 

King Of Defense III: Survival Beginner Tips

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