Lovebrush Chronicles by NetEase Games is a captivating narrative-driven game where your choices shape your outcome. If you enjoy the art of storytelling and romance, well, you are at the right place. This game offers a mesmerizing experience through its captivating visuals and immersive storyline. It also allows you to role-play as a university student and embark on an adventurous journey to search for your true love.

Below, we have curated a solid beginner’s guide along with a few helpful tips and tricks regarding the game to boost your gameplay.

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Understanding the Story

Lovebrush Chronicles is a narrative-driven game; therefore, paying close attention to the immersive storyline, different characters and interactions with them, thriller plot twists and dialogues is important. You cannot afford to miss any of these. You can begin your story with your choice of parallel universe, which ranges widely from modern to western romance. The game is set in a multiverse where each universe is worth exploring.

Character Customization and Interaction

You can choose your character according to your will. Choosing their name, their background story and their presentation depends on you. Remember, your character choice will directly impact how the story unfolds, so choose wisely.

While you’re role-playing, you will encounter many other characters. Make sure to engage with them through conversations on campus and dates. Keep in mind that your character’s nature and personality decide how to reply in different situations. Again, your interactions will shape the story ahead of you and build a certain relationship with the respective character. Enjoy the heartfelt conversations to make your experience delightful.

Building Relationships

The central theme of the game is to build relationships. You can do this simply by engaging in meaningful interactions, bringing out a good personality, and putting effort into knowing the other characters. Participate in arts and crafts activities involving painting or drawing to enhance your character’s skills and deepen your connections with others. This may lead to a beautiful romantic engagement, the climax of finding true love for yourself.

Lovebrush Chronicles Relationships

Exploring the World

There are various hidden secrets; you need to find those out with adventurous quests. The game provides measures and opportunities to deepen your relationships, but the catch is that you have to explore how to make that possible.

In this visually stunning world, hidden clues and secrets are kept to be uncovered by the dear players while exploring the artistic world.

Enjoy the Experience

The overall atmosphere, including music and art visuals, is worth noticing. Immerse yourself into this game and let the story unfold at its own pace while you enjoy patiently. Enjoying the entire experience will make you feel like you’re in a different world. Don’t rush through the game. Concentrate on building an emotional bond with the characters.

Lovebrush Chronicles Voiced Story

Now, let’s move on to tips and tricks to make you ace the game and earn rewards like never before.

Engage in Activities

As you progress through the story, you’ll find several activities like Art Supplies, theatre, Mock Battles, etc. Involvement in these fun activities will increase your player level. Also, keep an eye on the characters and build a relationship with them to find out your true love eventually. Don’t leave any opportunity that might deepen your relationship with other characters.

Lovebrush Chronicles Activities


Players can replay the game to explore different possibilities. Choosing alternative choices opens the door to a different ending and a unique story. You also get to witness a new plot of the story and a different world.

Stay Patient and Manage Time

Watch out for the in-game calendar and schedule prepared. Few events are time-sensitive, so you need to plan your moves accordingly. Don’t miss out on important character interactions by managing your time effectively. Please be patient as the story unfolds to avail the best experience.

Decision Making

If you have read so far, one thing that is very well established is that your choices influence the outcomes. Therefore, carefully choose, considering the character development and the much-wanted climax.

Lovebrush Chronicles Decision Making


Lovebrush Chronicles is at the top of the list of role-playing category apps on the Google Play store. A game that tells you, “You are what you choose”. Your set of choices will affect what comes next. Your choices will take you on different paths and make you explore the unexplored. So, are you ready to pick up your brush and paint a world with mesmerizing colours to find “true love”?

Lovebrush Chronicles is available to download on Google Play and the App Store.

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