Hey, gamers! We are back with another beginner guide for an RPG-based game called Match Land: Puzzle RPG. In this article, we will cover some basics of the game and also some tips and tricks. RPG games are one of the most loved genres; hence, there is very much demand for these types of games, which is one of the reasons for the wide variety of RPG games.

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About: Match Land: Puzzle RPG

A Race Cat developed game, this is an offline, single-player Match 3 RPG. the developers released the game on April 26, 2017, and undoubtedly it has been a success receiving 500,000+ downloads. Regarding the compatibility of devices, the game requires Android 4.4 and up devices, and there is also the option of in-app purchases.

Well, the game is explained by the name itself, matching the similar ones(check the 3), and it is a puzzle game. So these 8-bit fantasy food shops are represented in a magical pixel puzzle RPG. The Match Land gmae is set in the medieval market of 8-bit fantasy food shops with a lot of adventure. Moreover, you can form a team of 8-bit pixel heroes, then fight with the enemies and catch those cute tiny creatures as an ingredient to be served in your shops.

Talking about the features, the following are some of the aspects of the game:

  • Match 3 Puzzle RPG with a twist of action.
  • A package of epic combos comprising multiple matches per turn.
  • A cool variety of at least 30 fantasy food shops.
  • 60-pixel 8-bit heroes to catch the creatures as items for the shop.
  • The game offers 700 levels and legendary bosses( around 70) with fantastic retro pixel art aesthetic.

Everything About Match Land: Puzzle RPG!

Begin with the battle

The game has a twist! Although this is a Match 3D-based game, it has this action element. You enter the battleground, the enemies are in front of you, and now it’s time to attack and defeat them. How will you do so?

The battleground in the game has two things, the enemies and the second the method to defeat, which is a puzzle. Observe the puzzle carefully and then swap the similar. Then, you simply need to tap on the weapon you wish to swap. Here the swap can be made side to side, diagonally, top to bottom, or in any way.

Try to observe the puzzle and make as many matches as possible to make a strong attack on the enemy.

Go for in-app purchases!

The first icon below on the menu is meant to shop. You can buy gold coins using the diamonds earned. And to buy the gems, you need to roll out some real cash. The shop also provides limited value offers with packages.

Heroes are your ultimate weapon!

Match Land: Puzzle RPG Heroes

The action in the game is incomplete without the heroes. The third icon in the panel is for the heroes. This option offers many heroes for your gameplay that are locked. As you progress in the game, the heroes will tend to unlock, so your team will get stronger. But here, unlocking them is not the only work. Once the heroes are unlocked, you also keep on upgrading them using the earned coins. Simply tap on the heroes and upgrade/ level up them.

Some interesting things in the game you must know!

You can earn coins using the shops’ mushy buns by waiting for a while and then collecting them as a reward after you finish the required levels. Moreover, a tiny green creature with an exclamation mark keeps appearing in the top left corner. Tap on it, and you reach another game phase where you can earn gold. Lastly, a gift box in the top right corner also offers rewards after a particular interval.

Therefore, players, this was all about the guide. We hope you liked the content! Download Match Land: Puzzle RPG from Google Play and the App Store.

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