This feature has a beginner’s guide and some tips for the new players of Misty Continent: Cursed Island to ace it from the start.

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About the Game:

Misty Continent: Cursed Island is developed and published by Kings Group and FunPlus International AG. This is a fantasy cum adventure game where there is a very interesting back story that will get the players going. Basically, as a character, you will go through different challenges and fight different enemies to unearth the treasures and powers that you seek. You can explore the cursed island and hunt for your rewards. You can also gather different players from all around the world and play alongside them online.

This game is very popular among fans and has an exceptional rating of 4.6 stars. This game is free-to-play with certain in-app purchases and has got 500K plus downloads. The game has a content rating of Teen since it has some violence. The game requires 5.0 or up for android and iOS 11.0 or later and storage of 871.2 MB for Apple devices.

Misty Continent Gameplay Guide and Tips

Basic Gameplay Guide for Beginners:

After installing and opening the game, it will load for a few minutes with the title in the background. After downloading some in-game files, the game will begin telling you the story. Long story short, seven different treasures were left in the world by sea gods. The treasures contain both good and evil powers. The one who possesses all these 7 treasures can rule the seas with mighty power in their hands. After the story, you will continue to voyage in the sea with your assistant Peggy and some men who will be your workers. Keep giving these works to these men so that you can explore more islands and stuff.

After the story is over, you will come to the abandoned cursed island and dock your ship there. As a very first step, you will rebuild the left behind and damaged stronghold castle. This will be your initial home and kingdom. The game goes chapter by chapter and each one will have different stories and challenges. There will be a to-do list or the chapter’s quests on the left side of your screen. That’s the thing you have to follow to complete a particular chapter and earn rewards. This list will guide you through the game and assigns you tasks to perform. Once you finish those tasks, you will get rewards. You will need to explore and unearth different sets of submerged islands that will be of so much use to you.

Upgrade Your Castles and Building:

Just like any other game, upgrading plays a crucial part here also. Here, you will need to upgrade your stronghold, shooting range, magic crystal factory, celestial globe, etc. One building depends on the other’s upgrading and you need to do it to proceed further. The players should also upgrade their characters (Heros) to the next level so that they can become more powerful and will be in a better position to handle the pressure from the kings and armies of other estates. 

Misty Continent beginners guide
Misty Continent Claim Rewards

Hunt for Resources:

The above-mentioned upgradation will not be easy if you don’t have enough resources to build them. Stones, Berries (food), Wood, etc are these resources and they are crucial for building the structures and feeding your crewmen who work hard. Use the help of your crewmen to hunt for these resources that are spread everywhere. You can get wood by cutting down trees. Just tap on a tree and your worker will take care of it. You can get stones from damaged walls and berries from the plant bushes. 

Remove Petrification:

Whenever you explore and purify a new set of land, there will be a character who would’ve gotten petrified when the ghost dismantled the place. After unearthing and purifying the place, remove the petrification of these people immediately. Once unpetrified, they will be so much help to you in your upcoming conquest of hunting down treasures.

That’s about it for Misty Continent: Cursed Island Beginner’s Guide and Tips. Get this sea kingdom game on Google Play and The App Store. Do visit our Mobile Gaming Hub website for similar gaming guides. 

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