Canadian developers Northern Forge Studios have announced the follow-up to the popular MMORPG Orna: the GPS RPG, called Hero of Aethric: An Orna RPG. Set in the same universe as its predecessor, Hero of Aetheric will expand the lore of the universe and bring with it a host of interesting new stories.

Set on the continent of Aethric, the story follows the brave adventurers that fight for peace after a catastrophic event has resulted in a vicious power struggle that threatens the stability of the land. Players will be able to explore the world alone or with up to four players and encounter the unique and charismatic citizens from every faction.

Upon launch, the game will feature over a mouth-watering 50 different playable classes and specializations, each with its own unique spells and skills to master. In true RPG fashion, there will be dungeons to explore and bosses to beat, alongside challenging raids. To stand a fighting chance, players will be able to mix and match spells from any unlocked class with pieces of gear that offer a variety of bonuses, to custom fit any playstyle. There’s not much rest outside of combat, as each adventurer gets their own plot of land to develop their own origin town, managing it to grow and entice villagers to come and create a bustling hub.

Northern Forge studio owner, Odie, said “We wouldn’t be anywhere without the great community that has been built around Orna over the past 4 years. We build our games with the community in mind and take to heart their suggestions when building out new content and features.”

“Something we see often is that they love the core mechanics of our game but would prefer to not have to leave their house to experience it fully. By launching our next title, we plan to support both games with monthly content and open the door for even more players to enjoy our game, be that for accessibility reasons, or personal preference.”

There is no firm release date as of yet, however, Northern Forge has suggested it will be ready by the end of 2022 and will be available for Android and iOS.

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