If you have ever played Dynasty Warriors, you will know that the gameplay is pretty run-of-the-mill, but what makes them so enticing is the era in which it is set. It’s a very interesting time in China’s history, and we can experience the lore all over again thanks to the release of Otherworld Three Kingdoms: Idle RPG.

The story follows Ayoung Cho, a massive fan of the Three Kingdoms story, as I am sure we all are. Suddenly, she finds herself thrust into the story in a way she never imagined. Arriving towards the end of the Han Dynasty, the Yellow Turban army is causing unrest, and Cho is about to have a fateful encounter of her own.

Far from being just a helpless onlooker, our main protagonist packs six types of active skills that utilize the powers of divine beasts. Activate them, and you will decimate anything in sight. As you can expect with any Three Kingdoms-inspired game, you can recruit yourself a team of well-known Legendary Generals, including Guam Yu, Lu Bu, and Zhao Yun. Set your squad onto the battlefield, and let them tear through the battlefield whilst you go about your day.

To make the most of your team, you will need to master the two types of synergy. Train your character and general together enough, and their stats will overlap enhancing their growth. You can also take advantage of formation synergy. Certain characters have special skills that add bonuses to parties, so bear any of those in mind.

Beyond the main story, you can take part in a multitude of other game modes, including a PvP siege mode. You can also jump into four daily dungeons, tackle Taotie’s Nest with 7 of your recruits, or try to beat the Conqueror’s Tomb and fell the ancient general within. Finally, to start you on your feet, SuperPlanet is giving everyone 100 General Summon Tickets, and the legendary Zhao Yun just for logging in. A nice incentive to download Otherworld Three Kingdoms: Idle RPG now from the App Store and Google Play, wouldn’t you say?

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