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A Cute Adventure Story

Archers, sorcerers, knights and…a man with a common wood ax? Rumble Heroes is an action-adventure game, brought to us by PlayHard.Lab, where you take on the role of a common woodsman who must save the princess from the clutches of evil. However, you won’t have to take on this adventure alone as you collect friends to help you take down the villains standing in your way. 

The cutesy character design, cartoonish settings and simple controls make Rumble Heroes a fun, wholesome adventure for all ages. Moreover, the world building and character customization will keep everyone coming back for more. 

Lots of Connected Pieces

As I began playing Rumble Heroes, the game felt simple. Move your character close to an enemy and let the idle nature of the game do the rest. I was drawn in by the art style, but the gameplay left me wanting more. However, progressing through the game, collecting additional adventurers and building my camp kept me coming back. 

As players progress through the story, they will learn there is much more to this title than idle fighting. The player’s home base, or camp, is where all the magic happens. To build your camp, you must complete various achievements. I can hear the groans of all the players who hate to grind. Thankfully, Rumble Heroes has kept you in mind. The achievements aren’t overly complicated or time consuming. Most can be completed in several minutes of play.

As you complete achievement, you earn the ability to build stations for your camp. These include stations to collect game currency such as wood and crystals, a station for raiding dungeons and a place to upgrade your heroes. As your camp grows, so does the addictive nature of the game.

A Game of Heroes

One of the most addictive elements of Rumble Heroes is collecting additional adventurers to join your ranks. While you are only allowed four heroes to join you on your adventure, this doesn’t stop you from trying to collect them all. 

Through one of the stations at your camp, you are brought to a mini-game that randomly selects your hero. Players are given a set of three heroes they can possibly collect. Much like pulling a lever on a slot machine or spinning a wheel, players press a button and watch as a spotlight shines over each hero. The excitement grows as you anticipate whether an archer, knight or sorcerer will join your ranks.

Each character type is wholly unique. Additionally, there are tiers to the characters you can collect. Much like we see in console games where color-coded tiers tell us the rarity of weapons, Rumble Heroes uses a similar system for their heroes. What’s more, if you have a particular hero you like, you can upgrade their rank. The hero collection and upgrading systems encourage players to try out different pairings to put together the strongest team possible.

Rumble Heroes gameplay 2

Plenty to Do

PlayHard.Lab’s Rumble Heroes provides players with loads to do besides traveling from one end of the map to the other to save the princess. This system might make the idle fighting strategy wear out its welcome. Instead, the developer includes welcome respites such as dungeons which offer large numbers of enemies to take down, a combo counter to boost a player’s rewards and mini-bosses to take down, showing off your fighters’ effectiveness.

At the end of each dungeon, players collect their bounty and put themselves in a good position to upgrade their heroes. These short campaigns allow players to try out various groups of heroes to determine which works best for their play style.

Loads of Fun and More

Rumble Heroes is a simple game to learn but a large game to discuss. There are a lot of elements that will no doubt keep players interested, but they all work together without making you feel as though you are jumping through hoops in the name of the grind. Each element is entertaining and engaging. 

While there is so much more to talk about in this game, its minutia is best left to experience rather than explanation. I strongly encourage any fan of action-adventure games to check out Rumble Heroes, and I apologize ahead of time for how much of your time the game will consume. Although simple, the game is loads of fun and provides more to do than one might imagine.

Is It Hardcore?


PlayHard.Labs’ Rumble Heroes is a cute and fun adventure for all ages. It provides a collaborative plethora of activities to complete that engage the player and keep them coming back for more.

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