The siren song of the sea has lured another recruit to its waves, as Uncharted Waters Origin announces the release of a new S-Grade Admiral. Following along is a celebratory event for the Lunar New Year, and a fierce new Assault content pitting you against one of literature’s most notorious water mammals.

Our new S-Grade Admiral is Zheng Chenggong, a warrior from the Ming dynasty who has struck out onto the seas to fulfil his long-held dreams. Zheng is a match made in heaven for those who want a bit more Ming melee muscle, with skills suited to close-quarter combat. Complete his Chronicle, and you will receive Superior Mate EXP Potions and five tickets for the new S Grade Mate, Aredvi.

Whilst Chenggong covers your combat needs, Aredvi is much more at home in the world of trading. With skills like Jewelry and Metal Trade Specialization, they will keep your coffers full for the long voyage ahead. You can also recruit another S-Grade mate in Oruc Reis, an A Grade Ahmed Kemaleddin, or the B Grades Robert Donahue and Henry Mancine.

After manning your ship with these new recruits, it is time to change your name to Ahab and grab those harpoons to tackle the Moby Dick Assault content. If you are at Company LV 40 or higher, you can tackle this great white, but beware of its deceptively fast movements and formidable ramming attacks.

To celebrate the release of the whale, until February 27th players can obtain A Grade ship parts and Ship Material Selection Vouchers, up to Grade 18, depending on how many assaults you undertake and how much damage you deal to the overgrown fish.

Finally, again until February 27th, Uncharted Waters Origin will be celebrating the Lunar New Year with an attendance event. Simply log in for up to 14 days and you will reap a bounty of rewards such as the Full Moon Jeonmo gear for women, and Blue Gems. What’s more, players will be able to enjoy the Blue Dragon’s Buff which increases sailing speed and decreases the chance of Strikes.

Uncharted Waters Origin can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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