It is time to grab your phones and say goodbye to any social life as Team Meat has dropped the sequel to its wildly successful hit Super Meat Boy, entitled Super Meat Boy Forever. In one of the bargains of the century, you can pick up this hotly anticipated gem for just $0.99.

Step into the shoes of the series protagonist Meat Boy, whose blissful marriage to Bandage Girl is thrown into disarray as the villainous Dr Fetus kidnaps their daughter, Nugget. Our two peeved parents then take off across their dangerous world to rescue their daughter and give their dastardly foe a truly deserved thrashing.

Just like the wildly acclaimed original, you will need to hone your reflexes as you punch, kick, roll, jump and generally flail your way through your enemies wherever you happen to be. Just to make things a little bit more hectic, Forever employs an auto-running mechanic, so you will have enough less opportunity to plan your moves.

If you are thinking that you could just simply memorise each level to help you minimise the number of lives you will be going through, think again! Thanks to the thousands upon thousands of little level chunks that will be randomly jigsawed together, you will never encounter the same set-up twice, just to keep everything interesting.

On the release, one of Team Meats co-founders, Tommy Refenes, said: “Two buttons, hard as hell, bloody, rewarding and a whole bunch of fun – that’s Super Meat Boy Forever!. Thanks to Thunderful’s help, we’ve brought the entire game to mobile. No ads, no micro-transactions – it’s the full, uncompromised Super Meat Boy Forever experience for just $0.99. We were going to charge per life but we were afraid doing so would tank the global economy.”

Super Meat Boy Forever! Is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play for the low, low price of $0.99, the cheapest meat you will ever buy.

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