Snow and Robots

Capcom’s and GungHo Online’s card battling game Teppen just got a new expansion. Launched on December 27, “Absolute Zero” continues the game’s ongoing crossover narrative. The card pack introduces Lost Planet and Mega Man Zero characters to a roster that already includes faces from franchises like Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, and Monster Hunter. Teppen’s new cards include “Leon S. Kennedy,” “Cyber-Elf Ada,” “Luka” and “Revived Tyrant Copy X MK. II.”

“Absolute Zero” continues the story from Teppen’s previous “Sigma’s Invasion” expansion. It sees Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong transported to Lost Planet’s world of E.D.N III. After the local Resistance rescues Leon from the frozen wasteland, they reunite him with Ada, now a Cyber-Elf from Mega Man Zero. They partner with Mega Man Zero‘s deuteragonist Zero to free the city of New Arcadia from antagonist Dr. Weil and his evil copy of the game’s protagonist X.

In addition to the new cards and ongoing story, GungHo’s card battler has multiple new events. Until April 1, players can collect 2024 Metals to unlock rewards from previous events at The Exchange. Additionally, the limited-time event quest “A New Year Begins” lets players earn various useful items until February 1. Meanwhile, fans can test their skills in the Teppen New Year Cup 2024 from December 29 to January 3.

Android and iOS users can download Teppen from Google Play, the App Store, and Amazon. Also, be sure to check back later for more updates here on Hardcore Droid.

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