Looking for the best Android games sales and deals for this week? Look no further! We’ve searched Google Play for the best deals right now. There are plenty of amazing games up for grabs at the moment – perfect to play while getting cozy in bed!

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Our Favourite Android Games Sales and Deals This Week

Legend Of Keepers – $4.89/£4.19

Feature image for our Legend Of Keepers release news piece. It shows a map rendered in a pixel art style, alongside art of a character named as 'Engineer' with dreadlocks, a painted face, and a metal eye.

Brand new dungeon-managing rogue-like hit the Play store this week, and it’s done so with a low introductory price to make a good first impression.

Legend Of Keepers made the jump from PC. It’s a game where instead of crawling through a dungeon, you’ll need to try and manage the dungeon itself, making an impenetrable fortress that spells death to your average D&D party.

Machinarium – $1.99/£1.69

This classing adventure game is well worth a try, and if you’ve never played it before then now is a great time to pick it up at a great price! Machinarium follows the adventures of Josef, a little robot who lives in a world populated entirely by machines.

Josef sets out to rescue his girlfriend from the villainous Black Cap Brotherhood. You might need to pitch in and help him out.

Little Berry Forest 2: Stars – $0.49/£0.49

Looking for something to chill out with? Well you could do worse than the idyllic picture book world of Little Berry Forest 2. In this game, you run a cafe for fuzzy little forest animals and make your way through the story. Practically every screencap looks like you could frame it and put it on a wall.

The Best Android Games Sales and Deals This Week – Round-Up

Now, we’ll round up the latest Android gaming deals of the week!

And that’s it! If you find any other great deals over the past week, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to this list.

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