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Animal Jam Codes 2020 Full Gems and Diamonds [GET IT NOW]

Animal Jam Codes 2017-2018 : How you can get a FREE Animal Jam Free Membership.


Animal Jam Codes 2018 – Getting Started:

Every player of Animal Jam knows that getting gems and diamonds by playing, is not so cool. With the help of Animal Jam codes, you can unlock Animal Jam free diamonds and gems. While you pay to get some codes, there are also lots of codes you can get for free.New Animal jam codes come out almost every week.

1. First, Click “DOWNLOAD BUTTON” Below.
2. After  Clicking on the Button
3. Access & Enjoy.
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As more codes come out, some released ones expire.

This article contains Animal Jam Codes for 2017 & 2018  which have been confirmed working. We however included some Animal Jam free codes that might also work. If you need to get more gems and diamonds, and you are tired of getting them organically, it means you should try out the codes below.

Note that each of the Animal Jam Codes for 2018  used only once by a player, you ought to use them wisely. The Animal Jam free codes are arranged from the latest to the oldest.

  1. bestfriends: 500 gems
  2. llamas: 500 gems
  3. arctic: 500 gems
  4. trivia: 500 gems
  5. AJBDAY6: 6 birthday cake
  6. fashion: 500 gems
  7. phantoms: 500 gems
  8. birthday: 500 gems
  9. tropical: 500 gems
  10. flying: 500 gems
  11. underwater: 500 gems
  12. explorer: 100 gems
  13. bemybuddy: 1000 gems
  14. trench: 500 gems

Other Codes

  1. NGKAJ17 500 gems
  2. mega 1000 gems
  3. tojam 1000 gems
  4. shadows 500 gems
  5. chimbu 500 gems
  6. tigris 500 gems
  7. ajbday5 Animal Jam 5th birthday cake
  8. picsou 1000 gems
  9. twelve 1 diamond
  10. kangaroo 500 gems
  11. koala 500 gems
  12. dolphin 500 gems
  13. AJHQ3000 500 gems
  14. beano 1000 gems
  15. NGKJammin 1000 gems
  16. newyear15 500 gems
  17. outback 500 gems
  18. ajrocks 500 gems
  19. gifts 500 gems
  20. party 500 gems
  21. explore 500 gems
  22. pets 500 gems
  23. winter 500 gems
  24. adventure 500 gems
  25. drawing 500 gems
  26. ganges 500 gems
  27. ngk2015 1000 gems
  28. ajbday4 Animal Jam 4th birthday cake
  29. zambezi 500 gems
  30. kama 500 gems
  31. ngexplorer 1000 gems
  32. ajbday3 Animal Jam 3rd birthday cake
  33. alphas 500 gems
  34. friendship 500 gems
  35. friends 1000 gems
  36. spooky 500 gems
  37. nile 500 gems
  38. ngkidsrox 1000 gems
  39. discovery 1000 gems
  40. HOOOT 500 gems

After getting Animal Jam free codes for gems or Animal Jam free codes for diamond, do you wonder how on earth to go about redeeming your free codes? Redeeming your code is very simple.

There are basically two ways of redeeming Animal Jam codes. I will share two methods below.

How To Redeem Codes: Method 1

The first method I will show you is the simplest of the methods. This method is as simple as entering your code when you want to log in to your Animal Jam account.

On the login interface, after entering your username and password, there is a box which can be checked.

Below the box is another field. To redeem your code, just check the box and enter your Animal Jam free code. Once you have logged in, click “Click here to get your gift.”

Once you click it, you will be given the corresponding reward of the code.

How To Redeem Codes: Method 2

This second method involves entering your code while playing the game. When playing the game, click on the setting button. On the new interface, click on the button that says “Enter Code.” The next thing you have to do is to type in your code and click continue. You will be given the corresponding prize.

Animal Jam Diamond Codes and How To Use Them – The Latest and Working

It is very likely you know the worth of diamonds in Animal Jam, and you’re motivated to find Animal Jam diamond codes.

While diamond codes are scarce, I feel pleased to tell you that I have some available for you. Interestingly, I do not just have the codes, these codes work.

In Animal Jam, diamond is the most important currency — the developer provides a very few codes for them.

Diamond codes have come and gone.

At the moment, we know of only one working diamond code…..

This code in question is “twelve,” and it has been around for a while, but not very popular.

Never forget the fact that most codes are case-sensitive….

By case-sensitive, I mean the codes need to be typed the exact way as seen. For instance, “twelve” has to be typed as “twelve,” not “Twelve,” “twelVe,” etc.

The code “twelve” gives a user one diamond. Also, this code can only be used once, by a user. However, if a user has more than one Animal Jam account, it is possible for them to get the one gem on each of the accounts they own. In other words, if you own seven accounts, it is possible for you to get as much as seven diamonds.

Codes can stop working at any time, and when they stop, you will need to look for new ones.

The point is, use this code as soon as you’re done reading this article.

Getting Thousands of Gems With Animal Jam Codes For Gems

After playing the game to an extent, you must have realized that getting the biggest fun requires gems. Unfortunately, there’s a great limit to the number of gems you can obtain freely.

However, if you do buy these currencies, a time will come, when you’ll get tired of buying these currencies. Interestingly, it is possible to get so many gems in the game, without having to pay a dime.

Getting them will require you providing codes that can be redeemed.

The first set of codes I will give to you are ‘NGKAJ19’, ‘dynamitejams’, ‘pirateship’, ‘arctic’, ‘secretelephant’, ‘greeleysfans’, ‘grahamsgreatest’, and ‘ajtreasurechest’. ‘NGKAJI19’ is relatively new, and the code gives 500 gems. Just like ‘NGKAJI19’, ‘dynamitejams’ also gives 500 gems. Although the article is about codes that give gems, we have ‘pirateship’ which gives something other than gems. ‘pirateship’ gives a player a lost treasure book. Moving on, we have ‘arctic’ which also gives us 500 gems. ‘secretelephant,’ ‘greeleysfans’ and ‘grahamsgreatest’ all also fall in the 500 league, all giving 500 gems. ‘ajtreasurechest’ stands out among other codes in this set as it gives a thousand gems, not 500.

In set two, we have another eight cool codes.

First in the set, is ‘annual2play’.

This code gives as much as 900 gems. As usual, it can only be used once, by a player.

However, if you have multiple accounts, it is possible to use it more than once. Next is ajplaycards which gives 500 gems. ‘wintergame’ is another code in this set.

Rather than giving gems, the code gives Mystery at Mt Shiveer Book. ‘twelve’ is another great code; this code gives the player one diamond and not gems. Codes like ‘twelve’ are very rare. It still works; it should be among the codes you should try out.beeparty is the other 500 gems code in this set. ‘AJBDAY7‘ gives 777 gems. The last two codes in this set are ‘adorableotter’ and ‘billygoat,’ and they give 750 gems each.

Does Animal Jam Free Membership Exist?

Animal Jam is a very popular and fun game.

The game showed up in 2010 and has grown to be a favourite among kids as well as some adults. This game involves people playing as animals.

There is a virtual world, with which animals can interact. Animal Jam which is available for iOS devices (iPhones) and Android devices, is owned by WildWorks and National Geographic Society. While these companies make money from the game, they also claim to have interest in teaching children about the natural world.

Playing Animal Jam as a premium player is very exciting. As a result, people who play it once are always desperate to have a membership card (the element that makes one a premium player). It is very common to see players of the game surfing the web, for Animal Jam free membership. While the company claims that it doesn’t offer free membership, some third parties claim to give players free membership. This begs the question: does free membership exist in Animal Jam?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is: there is no free membership in the Animal Jam game. However, you may ask: what about people who claimed to have received free membership in some way or the other? Are they telling lies? The answer is no, not all of them are telling lies; some did get a free membership. So have I just contradicted myself? No, I have not. The following is what happens. There are third parties who claim to give free membership. When they do, what happens is that they purchase a membership card from the owners of Animal Jam. Afterward, they go ahead to apply that membership card to the account of players.

How To Use Animal Jam Membership Codes

The Animal Jam game stands out among many other children game. While the game gives players unrivalled fun, it also educates them about the natural world we live.

There are two ways a user can use codes; the first one is by providing the code while trying to sign in, while the second is by providing the code on an interface dedicated to redeeming codes.

To use a code when trying to sign in, there are four simple steps to follow.

One, provide your username and password in their respective fields.

Passwords are case-sensitive; hence, type them the exact way they are.

Step two, tick the checkbox that reads “I have a Code to Enter.” This checkbox is always below the password field.

Step three, type in the code, in the field that follows the checkbox.

Note, codes are also case-sensitive…..

……….The last step is clicking/tapping the “Play” button.

On clicking/tapping the “Play” button, you would be authenticated, and the first interface that’ll come up is that which will display a gift box. Tap/click the gift box, and your reward will be revealed.

Assuming you have signed in already and you want to redeem a code, you don’t have to sign out. Locate the settings icon in your game.

Tap/click it, and a menu will surface on your device screen. In this menu, locate a button tagged “Enter Code.” This button is what you need to tap/click.

When it is tapped/clicked, a small interface comes up, and this interface will be used to redeem the code.

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