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Is the Thrustmaster T248 worth it?: [Most Asked Questions Simplified]

Is the Thrustmaster T248 worth it?

The T248 Racing Wheel from Thrustmaster is a well-designed and solidly built racing wheel, with lots of useful options, and is well suited to casual and veteran racing fans alike. The real-feel force feedback add a new level of immersion to the racing experience at a price most people will be more than happy to pay.

Is Thrustmaster T248 better than G923?

The T248 provides an assortment of features that aren’t available on the G923. However, in accordance with its more premium status, this new mouse lacks magnetic pedals and additional adjustments. Its official branded paint job looks cheap. The new scroll wheel is also less ergonomic than its predecessor.

Is the Thrustmaster T248 loud?

The paddles on the T310 are a little loud. I found the responses of the paddle shifters to be less than ideal. Nonetheless, I found them to be satisfactory.

Is T248 gear driven?

The Thrustmaster T248 medium-size racing wheel has “hybrid” force feedback: Part of the motor mechanism uses gears, the other one uses a roller wheel. Hybrid force feedback works in the same way: An elastostat (articulated steel spring mechanism) applying the force, along with a motor applying the rotating torque

Can you swap the T248 wheel?

The T248 was compatible with a 2016 Xbox One and One X but not PS4 and PS5. You can convert between the two configuration types on the T248 itself.

Which one is better Thrustmaster or Logitech?

Essential vs. Ignorable: You won’t hear the rubber-tired coming of age of Ghost Recon Wi Isn’t Just Dual Analog Wheel-Wheels; Logitech Has You Assigned The Logitech G920 & G29! (Because Its 100mm Dual-Pitch DSA Wheels). You’ll be sitting there thinking – It’s sooooo much better than the TMX!!!

When did the Thrustmaster T248 come out?

David mentioned that the T248 is available to pre-order, and the deboarded racing wheel will arrive on March 15.

Can I use a Logitech shifter with a Thrustmaster T248?

Thrustmaster is only manufactured one shift controller, and it is the only one compatible with Playstation. Switch screens are also made by different companies than the PS controller, so they won’t work with the T248.

Does the T248 come with a table clamp?

The Thrustmaster T248 gaming joystick has a mounting bracket, and the pedal board has some rubber pads underneath the bottom of the pedals. If you want a quality grip, you should instal extra amount of grip material/ rubber underneath the pedals on every single pedal board.

Does the Thrustmaster T248 work on Gran Turismo?

The new Thrustmaster T248 racing wheel was developed with the intent to be backward-compatible with PS4 games, making it in most cases a perfect solution for any game featuring HOTAS (Hands-On Throttle-and-Stick) steering wheels. Thrustmaster has confirmed that all Thrustmaster Racing Wheel Backward Compatibility kits for

Is Thrustmaster making a direct drive wheel?

It’s happening at the beginning of the year. Thrustmaster is prepping its debut direct-drive wheel base for a PC-only equipped release debut, according to a French website. Thrustmaster plans to stream a finished product for the reveal, scheduled for 17th November 2022, at its website.

Is Thrustmaster compatible with PS4?

The T150 PRO (PS4/PC) and TMX PRO (Xbox One/PC) racing wheels are compatible with the Thrustmaster RPM2 shifter.

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Does Assetto Corsa support Thrustmaster T248?

Taking into account its enormous popularity, Assetto Corriza remains one of the few games designed for the steering wheel with force feedback. It is of such acclaim that it often serves as the main benchmark for all other steering wheels with force feedback. Notwithstanding, the developers, W.A. Vision, have checked this wheel for the T570 Nitto Chokos they used in 2019. Therefore, they are ensure that the wheel has

Is the Thrustmaster T248 compatible with iRacing?

iRacing is widely regarded as the definitive online racing simulator. It is a tool known for its complicated force feedback system but, ironically, it is very simple to use with the Thrustmaster T248 on your PC.

Does Thrustmaster T248 work on Xbox?

The new and updated T248 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC is set for an April release, with an MSRP of $499 – $599.