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Is the Thrustmaster T248 worth it?: [Others Answers Relating to t248]

Is the Thrustmaster T248 worth it?

The Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel is a sleek steering wheel that is robust and a lot of fun to use. It feels well made and imparts a pleasurable feedback to the driver that has various levels of detail. For instance, force feedback allows the driver to feel movement as he/she is turning the steering wheel.

Is Thrustmaster T248 better than G923?

The Logitech Trackman T248 brings a variety of useful features that the G923 lacks. It has a graphics-enabled display, on-board button controls, and there are the wired and wireless Force ­Feedback options, which are absent on the G923. However, the overall shape and visual style just doesn’t match up with the quality of the G923.

Is the T248 belt driven?

For endeavor, the Thrustmaster T248 Hybrid Drive is not a power controller, but rather gear- or belt-driven, nevertheless, there is a belt within the device to enhance its capabilities in gaming. Created from a magnesium alloy and a space-grade thermoplastic, they have a metal insert made of

Which is better Logitech G29 or Thrustmaster?

Can the Logitech G29 game controller be recommended over the Thrustmaster’s T150 or T500? The Logitech game controller is better designed, engineered, and built than the Thrustmaster wheels. Of course, the Thrustmaster wheels are designed, engineered, and built for game playing.

Is G29 better than Thrustmaster?

While the Thrustmaster T150 is an affordable controller, Logitech’s G29/G920 has an eye-pleasing leather design, is crafted with superior materials to the lines in the Thrustmaster TMX board, and comes with a pair of high-quality, authentic leather driving gloves.

Is T248 gear driven?

Force feedback wheels use either a direct drive motor, belts or geared mechanisms to make this happen. The ZR Sports T615 has mechanical and electro-mechanical force feedback. This device uses either one of these two methods.


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Can T248 change wheel?

With this vertical gamepad from Thrustmaster, drivers can control in-game settings, including the wheel rotation, force feedback level, PC or PlayStation mode, and more.

Is G923 worth over G29?

The G923 doesn’t come with much of a baseline upgrade that indicates users should upgrade, but the Trueforce is certainly worth a hype for Logitech’s new entrant in the carbon wheel category. If you feel that the G29 is fully capable, and you are unhappy, you should probably skip the upgrade.

Is Thrustmaster T248 good to drift with?

Driving that may have a more tactile and deliberate feel is convenient, with the Ford T-248’s design and use. It also is powerful when driving straight, with a cornering feel so nice and handling so precise.

How much does the Thrustmaster T248 cost?

£228.69 & FREE Delivery

Can you play Forza on Thrustmaster?

If you want to play Formula 1 or Forza Horizon Five the PC, you may be interested in wheels from Logitech and Thrustmaster. Fanatec wheels are supported in Forza Horizon 5 as previously.

Is Forza Horizon 5 compatible with Thrustmaster T248?

Thrustmaster’s T248 and Ferrari SF1000 computer-controlled center display wheel has native Forza Horizon 5 support.

When did the T248 come out?

The Thrustmaster TZ248 Motorized Racer will be available to pre-order worldwide today and in select regions shipments will begin on 15 March 2022.

Is T300RS better than G923?

Turning to the Thrustmaster T450RS GT, its more expensive at $450, but that’s where the differences end. It has the same belt drive system as the T450RS, which we mentioned that uses idler arms, however, unlike the T300RS, it doesn’t use spoke-wheeled servo motors.

Which F1 steering wheel is best?

It is a matter of opinion, but The Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1 generally is ZDNet’s top choice. It is very high priced, so it can often be found on sale.
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