How to enter cheat codes in Township [Recently UPDATED]

How to enter cheat codes in Township – 2019 Guide

How to enter cheat codes in Township

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Township – Process

Because you are reading this article, you must have heard about a game called ‘Township.’ In fact, you might have played the game, and probably looking for cheat codes for township or trying to figure out how to enter cheat codes in township. Whatever your reason for reading this article is, be rest assured that you will find every information you want to know.

Before we delve into the main content of the article, it is worthwhile that we take a look at what Township is all about. Township is some city-building game. Just like other popular games, Township is available on major platforms. The game first appeared as an Adobe Flash game. This made it available on Facebook. A few years ago the developers introduced the iOS version of the game.

The following month after the release of the iOS version, the Android version came out for Android users. The following year experienced the release of the app on Amazon Appstore.

As a player of the Township game, you will own your city. Your objective is to develop your city. As you progress, features will be unlocked. You can also visit your friend’s city in the game. When you play the game up to level 30, you will be able to visit isles. Level 40 is even a more exciting level, as you will be able to build your zoo. Meanwhile, you do not have to go up to level 30 before unlocking features.

When you progress up to level 8, you will be given a train. You can, however, unlock more trains as you progress. There are also some other interesting things in the game.


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Township cheats iPhone :

Something iPhone  players will always seek cheat code. Just like every other game, cheat codes for Township are available. We have a lot of cheat codes for the township on Android littered all over the web. Cheat codes can help you unlock things you wouldn’t have unlocked at that stage in a normal condition. A user who can unlock features early in the game will be able to develop their city fast. There are different cheats that can be used in the Township game.

Talking about the first cheat code we have here; the cheat code is ‘kKZyGtIeuY.‘ Note the way the code is written. Alphabets that are in the upper case should remain that way, while those in lowercase should also remain as they are. To avoid any error, it’s better to just copy and paste it when you want to use it. I have not forgotten to discuss the use of this cheat code. This cheat code is simply meant to unlock cash. You can use this code over and over.


There are also some codes that give the player cash. This code ‘gWuMZZno6h’, unlocks a bundle of cash. It can also be reused. To unlock an envelope of cash, all you are required to do is to enter this code ‘LVZ1EG2HQQ.’ The code ’18IIhHh5iB’ gives a box of cash. ‘X3DwjmECXw’ will give the user a case of cash. Talking about our last cheat on the list, the code ‘bwIWCxT728‘ is just a code for coins. This code will help a user to unlock a purse of coins.

How Many Levels Is Township Game

A few weeks ago, I was playing a heavy action game which is addictive. I played the game for days until something happened one night. On that night, I was testing a web application on my Android server. Unfortunately, my server malfunctioned, and the OS saved so many log files that my device displayed ‘Device running out of storage space.’ I couldn’t delete the files because my file managers couldn’t access them.

In short, I had to restore my phone, and I lost my game. Some hours after I wiped my device, I felt like playing the game. The game was very heavy, but I managed to download it again. Normally, I wouldn’t have re-downloaded such a heavy game the second time.

On downloading the game, I played it for some time and came to the end of the game. I only played one level more before I came to the end of the game. It was so painful that I wasted so much data to play just one more level. Ever since I made it my objective to know how many levels a game has before downloading it.

I guess you have found yourself in a similar situation, and this is the reason why you want to know how many levels there are in Township game. Well, hardly anyone knows the exact amount of levels in the game, but the highest I have seen is 532.


How To Restart Township Game On iPhone


When talking about one of the most popular games in the world, Township cannot be ignored. Township is a very impressive game which is played by millions of people across the world. When playing the game, it is very important that a player has a good number of tips at the early stage to become one of the best players.


Unfortunately, a lot of players learn crucial tips after they have spent a lot of time on the game. For this kind of players to rank well, the best thing that can be done is starting the game all over again. Starring all over seems like an easy thing to do, but in reality, it is almost impossible to do. Township is a game which gets tied to a device. Being explicit, when a user starts playing the game on a device, it can never be restarted. The user can only restart by playing on a completely different device.


Just as you can see, this policy is not so cool. Who on earth will buy a new device all in the name of restarting a new game? Some people have used apps that allow a phone to run multiple instances of a particular app. Sadly this never work. However, there is a way out. To be able to restart Township game, what you have to do is to change your iPhone device ID. Changing it will lure the app into assuming your device is a different phone.


How to Restart Township Game On Android


At this point you must have played Township to some extent and feel like: hey, starting this game all over seems like a great idea. So you cleared the game’s app data and came back to see that clearing it doesn’t make the game start all over. You go ahead to uninstall it and still nothing. Oh man, I will say relax. If you go ahead to reset the factory setting of your phone the problem wouldn’t be solved. According to the developer of Township, you can not restart the game on the same device. Every game is tied to a device, and no matter what you do, you can’t achieve that aim.

Does This Means Township Game Can Not Be Restarted

I am sorry buddy it’s bad news; the answer is yes. However, to hackers, we say everything is possible. Hacking this problem is as simple as changing your Android device ID. Your Android device ID is not the same things as IMEI. To change your device ID, your phone has to be rooted. If your phone is rooted, download an app from play store to change your device ID. Close the app completely (minimizing is different from closing remember), then clear the app data and also delete every files and folder the app created on your phone.

How To Enter Cheat Codes In Township

After acquiring cheat codes for township, a question often asked by users is: how to enter cheat codes in the township. It’s never a senseless question as the developers will never make it possible to use cheats directly in the game. There are however backdoors employed. There are a lot of tools available for using township cheat codes. People who are familiar with such tools might raise their eyes.

Yeah it is normal as we all know that website often ask users to take surveys before downloading the tools. The good news here is that, it is not compulsory to take survey before downloading these tools. There are lots of townships hack tool free to download with no survey.

Township Game Tips And Tricks

This article will be incomplete without discussing township game tips and tricks. I have some townships game tips and tricks for you.

Be Creative – Township is a kind of game that demands creativity. The creativity you employ will determine your success in the game.
Complete As Many Orders As Possible – Completion of orders gives the user more coins. You should try to complete as many orders as possible so as to earn coins.
III. Focus On Farming

Farming is very crucial to the development of a city. Wheat is, however, one of the most important crops. Every player should try to cultivate wheat as much as possible.


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