Golf Clash mod APK Download -{New Update Available}

Golf Clash mod APK Download

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Golf Clash mod APK Download- New Update

It is no more news that Golf Clash is a game that has got the attention of a lot of people. The game is played by male and females, young and adults, etc. This game mimics the golf sport, and stands out as one of the best golf simulation games available out there. In Golf Clash/Golf Clash mod APK, you compete with other players around the world, and rise up the ranking table.

As a player of Golf Clash, I am very sure you are now aware that being a top player requires time and/or knowledge from experts of the game.If you are really smart, you can decide not to reach out for tips, and discover them yourself but before that you might be interested in downloading the Pes 2019 apk for android as they both work along same mode of play.  However, if you feel reluctant to spend so much time learning tricks of the game, you can simply seek out knowledge from Golf Clash best players.

This article is meant for people who prefer to seek knowledge from Golf Clash top players. I will share with you, some tips to become a top player of the game. Giving a highlight of the tips, we will discuss the 10X — 15X rule; the calmness rule; the time expension rule; distraction avoidance and Golf Clash mod.



  1. The 10X — 15X Rule


It is a very common thing to see people playing games like they are timely competitions. Most players download a new game and play it with the objective of leveling up in no time. If you are a Golf Clash player playing the game this way, this may help you complete all the competitions in the game early, but it will never make you a top player of the game.

In Golf Clash tips, entering a competition requires that you have some coins. When you enter the competition, the indicated amount of coin gets deducted from your wallet, and when you come out successful, you will be rewarded with coins more than the amount you expended in entering the competition.


According to the 10X — 15X rule, you must make sure you have 10 to 15 times the coins required to enter a competition. For instance, if entering a competition costs 300 coins, you are advised to have between 3000 and 4500 coins.


Why is this recommended? The reason for this is that every competition will always be more challenging than the previous. The items (golf sticks, ball, etc) you used in previous levels may not be so helpful to your success in higher levels. You will either have to buy new ones which are better or upgrade them. However, buying and upgrading your items will cost you coin. Without having enough coin, you may end up losing where you could have won had it been you have the right items.


  1. The Calmness Rule


‘The Calmness Rule’, just as its name says is all about calmness. There are all sorts of games. There are some that are not significantly dependent on the calmness of the player, while there are also some that require that a user is calm. One of those games that demands that a user should be calm when playing, is Golf Clash. A player who is not calm may find it quite difficult to become a top player of this game.


For instance, deciding when to strike your golf ball relative to the oscillating arrow requires that you are calm. If you are not calm enough, it will be difficult to perfectly time when to strike your ball. So if you wish to rank up the Golf Clash ranking table, make sure that you are calm.


  1. The Time Expansion Rule


When playing Golf Clash, you should be well aware that you are not playing against time. For instance, Golf Clash is not a mission game or racing game where you might be tasked to complete a task within a period. Unfortunately, most Golf Clash players play the game this way.


Some of us have been so used to this habit, that we do practice it subconsciously. When playing Golf Clash, it is very advisable that you expend as much time as you can when playing the game. Be relaxed and do not rush. Take your time to select an appropriate ball, also take your time to adjust your playing settings. Refraining from rushing will help you maintain the right disposition, and eventually contribute to your success playing the game.


  1. Avoid Distraction


I want you to take a look at the title of this article. The title does nor read ‘How To Enjoy Golf Clash’, nor does it read ‘How To Play Golf Clash’; rather, it reads ‘How To Become A Top Golf Clash Player’. Becoming a top Golf Clash player demands that you are serious about the game. If you want to become a top player, it is important that you are serious about the game, it is not just about winning the game. Your seriousness matters a lot.


One thing you should avoid when playing Golf Clash is distraction. Distraction can come in many forms: noise, eating, drinking, etc. Whatever element that can distract you should be eliminated during your playing time. If the element of distraction can not be eliminated at the moment, then I suggest you suspend the game until things are okay.


  1. Golf Clash Mod


There are lots of people out there who are playing smart. Some use cheats while some use Golf Clash mods. As a Golf Clash player, you should join the team so that you would not be left behind. It would not be so cool if you realise people who are not as good as you, top you on the leader board. Golf Clash mods APK will help you gain free coins and gems. With the coins and gems, you can buy better gaming items and also upgrade your gaming items as high as possible. There are lots of mods out there, especially Golf Clash mod APK, which means Golf Clash modified version for Android.

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