How To Make Alcohol In Little Alchemy – 2018 Guide

How To Make Alcohol In Little Alchemy – The Beginning

Among games with the highest downloads from Google Play Store, is the Little Alchemy game. The Little Alchemy game is an interesting, soft and award-winning mobile game. This game is played by hundreds of thousands of people from countries all over the world. The game is based on one of the basic ideas of Chemistry, combining substances together to yield new substances. In Little Alchemy, we have items called elements. Example of Little Alchemy elements includes: Internet, Rose, Electricity, etc. These elements are however combined to yield new elements. For instance, Car and Hospital can be combined; this combination will yield Ambulance. We progress with our article, ‘How To Make Alcohol In Little Alchemy.’


How do you combine elements in Little Alchemy? In the game, the screen is divided into two parts; the first part is called the combination board, while the other part is called the elements rack. The combination board is the part of the screen where combination of elements happens. Element combination does not take place in the elements rack. The element rack is part of the screen where you can select from all the elements you have. At the beginning of the game, you will be given four elements. As you create new elements in the game, they will be automatically added to your rack, and you can, in turn, use them to create other new elements. To make a combination, you first have to drag an element from the elements rack and drop it on the combination board. Afterwards, drag another element from the elements rack and drop it on the first element you dragged. If the two elements on the combination board can yield a new element, the element will be formed. Otherwise, nothing will happen.


You have probably seen some of our similar Little Alchemy articles like: ‘How To Make Solar Cell In Little Alchemy,’ ‘How To Make Boiler In Little Alchemy’ and ‘How To Make Grass In Little Alchemy.’ Just like them, we’ll discuss how to make Alcohol as well as other Alchemy elements it is capable of creating. If possible, we’ll go ahead and discuss parent elements of Alcohol, that is, Little Alchemy elements that can be used to create Alcohol.


How To Make Alcohol in Little Alchemy – The Process 


Alcohol is a not a very resourceful element, but it is one of the most sought after Little Alchemy elements. These elements can be produced from two combinations, not just one. The combinations that create it are neither completely homogeneous nor completely heterogeneous. Parent elements of Alcohol are namely: Fruit, Juice and Time, with Time being the most important of the three parents. The combinations that create this element are Fruit + Time = Alcohol and Juice + Time = Alcohol. Time does not necessarily have to be the second element in the combinations. The combinations can also be like this: Time + Fruit = Alcohol and Time + Juice = Alcohol.


Products Of Alcohol


Alcohol is not a final element, but it can be used to create only four unique elements. In case you have no idea of what a final element is, a final element is an element that can not be used to create any

element. In other words, a final element is an element that has no potential combination. The four unique elements that Alcohol is capable of producing include: Wine, Drunk, Beer and Perfume. Giving details of products of Alcohol: Alcohol + Fruit = Wine, Alcohol + Human = Drunk, Alcohol + Wheat = Beer, Alcohol + Flower = Perfume and Alcohol + Rose = Perfume. Two of Alcohol’s products are final elements, and these elements are Perfume and Drunk. Beer and Wine are not final elements.

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