How To Make Chocolate In Little Alchemy -2018

How To Make Chocolate In Little Alchemy – The Beginning



Among soft games that game players should play, is the Little Alchemy game. This game is a mobile game primarily available for mobile operating systems and other platforms. The game can be played on Android smart phones as well as Apple iPhones. In addition to this two mobile platforms, the game can also be played on Windows computer systems and web browsers. Playing the game on a web browser requires that a user visits the developer’s website with a standard web browser. A standard web browser as of 2017 is a browser that fully supports HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript technology to the core. We still have more to talk about the game in this article, ‘How To Make Chocolate In Little Alchemy’.


The Little Alchemy gameplay is quite interesting, its gameplay is related to Chemistry. In Chemistry, it is well-known that when some substances combine with some other substances, a reaction occurs and a new substance is formed. Some substances will also combine with each other to yield nothing. The gameplay of Little Alchemy is related to the idea in the two preceding statements. In Little Alchemy, we have items called elements. Elements in the game can be likened to substances in Chemistry. In addition, there are over 550 elements in the first version of the game, while the second version of the game has over 700 elements.


How To Make Chocolate in Little Alchemy – Progressing 


Chocolate stands as one of the most desired elements in the Little Alchemy game. However, its desire from players of the game does not mean it is easy to create. The element is rather difficult to make. To make Chocolate in the Little Alchemy game, there are four possible combinations to choose from. The element has five parents, these parents are namely Sugar, Milk, Coconut Milk, Oil and Seed. Of the five parents, Sugar is the most important as it takes part in every combinations that produces Chocolate. Sugar and Milk can be combined to yield Chocolate, Sugar and Coconut Milk can be combined to yield Chocolate, Sugar and Oil can also be combined. The last combination that yields Chocolate is the combination of Sugar and Seed. Note that Sugar does not necessarily have to come first in all the combinations. Other elements can also come first — the order of combination is not important.


Products Of Chocolate


We’ll discuss products of Chocolate just as we did in our other articles of this Little Alchemy series. Some articles in question are namely: ‘How To Make Space In Little Alchemy‘, ‘How To Make Music In Little Alchemy‘, ‘How To Make Energy In Little Alchemy’, ‘How To Make Internet In Little Alchemy‘, ‘How To Make Mouse In Little Alchemy’ and ‘How To Make Cake In Little Alchemy‘. Among elements with which Chocolate reacts to yield a product, are two of its parents. These parents with which it can also react with to yield new element, are Milk and Coconut Milk. The combination of Chocolate and Milk as well as that of Chocolate and Coconut Milk will both yield Chocolate Milk. Chocolate also reacts with Dough to yield Cookie Dough.


How To Make Sugar, Milk, Coconut Milk, Oil and Seed


Before we wrap up this article, combinations that can yield Chocolate’s parents will be provided. For Seed, the following Alchemy combinations will yield it: Bee + Pollen and Plant + Pollen. Oil can be yielded from any of these combinations: Pressure + Sunflower, Stone + Sunflower, Sunflower + wheel and Sunflower + Windmill. Milk can be made from over five Alchemy combinations, and these combinations are: Cow + Farmer, Cow + Liquid, Cow + Tool, Cow + Water, Farmer + Goat, Goat + Liquid, Goat + tool, Goat + Water. Sugar comes from any of the following combinations: alcohol + energy, alcohol + fire, beer + energy, beer + fire, energy + fruit, energy + juice, energy + wine, fire + fruit, fire + juice, fire + wine. Lastly is Coconut Milk, it comes from any of the following combinations: axe + coconut, blade + coconut, coconut + hammer, coconut + milk, coconut + sword, coconut + tool.

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