How To Make Diamond In Little Alchemy – New 2018 Guide

How To Make Diamond In Little Alchemy – The Beginning



The Little Alchemy is a game that never stops growing in popularity. This game is a mobile game, and it has been around for some time. One of the elements that make this game popular, is its availability on a wide range of platforms. First and foremost, the game is available for both Android smartphones and Apple iPhones. This game can also be played on Chrome OS as well as other standard web browsers.However, before going to the developer’s website to try the game out, let me advise you to read this article, ‘How To Make Diamond In Little Alchemy’.



If you have not played the Little Alchemy game, you are really missing out. There is however nothing stopping from playing this. If you are skeptical about the game, you can visit the developer’s website to try it out before downloading the game on your device.

In case you are already a player of the game, then my assumption is that you are reading this article to find out how to make Diamond in the Little Alchemy game. If that is so, good for you as this article will give you the exact information you seek. Not only will you learn how to make Diamond in the Little Alchemy game, you will also learn about other elements that can be synthesized from Diamond. Furthermore, we’ll discuss parent elements of Diamond.


How To Make Diamond in little Alchemy – The Process 


Diamond is a Little Alchemy element that many players of the game want. However, majority of these players find it quite hard to create the element. This is so because the parent elements of Diamond are not common elements, they are rather rare elements. Diamond can be created from two combinations of elements. Its parents are namely Coal, Pressure and Time. The first combination capable of yielding Diamond is the combination of Coal and Pressure. The other combination is Coal and Time. Just as you know, all you need to do is to drag and drop one of the elements on the other, and Diamond will be synthesized.


Products Of Diamond


Diamond is not a very resourceful element, considering the fact that it is capable of synthesizing only one Little Alchemy game element. Being able to create a single Little Alchemy element does not mean that it has a single combination. The element rather has two combinations which are: Diamond + Gold = Ring and Diamond + Metal = Ring. The product of Diamond, Ring, is not a final element and it can be used to synthesize valuable elements.


How To Make Coal, Pressure and Time


None of Diamond’s parents are basic elements, this means that all its parents can be made from one or more Little Alchemy combinations. We are discussing these parents just like we did in some of our previous articles like: ‘How To Make Space In Little Alchemy‘ and ‘How To Make Internet In Little Alchemy‘.


Coal can be made from two distinct combinations. From that, it can be inferred that Coal has four parents which is right. Coal’s parents are namely: Plant, Pressure, Snowman and Sun. The combinations that produce Coal are: Plant + Pressure and Snowman + Sun. Did you notice? Pressure is a parent of Diamond as well as a product of Coal. It is furthermore, a quite resourceful element and can be made from only homogeneous combinations. For instance, this element can be made by combining Air and Air, or by combining Earth and Earth. Time which is the third parent of Diamond is very resourceful. It can be used to create over 20 different Little Alchemy elements. The combination that synthesizes it is Glass + Sand.

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