How To Make Energy In Little Alchemy – 2018 Guide

How To Make Energy In Little Alchemy – The Beginning 




Day-in, day-out, people join the league of Little Alchemy game players, and the reason for this is that the Little Alchemy game is a game that can hardly be ignored. This game has millions of players from countries all over the world. The game is a mobile game which is available to both Android operating system users and iOS operating system users. People who do not have Android or iOS devices, can still play this game. A web version of the game is available, and it can be played on a standard web browser. A standard web browser is a browser that has support for the following technologies: Hypertext Mark-up Language 5 (HTML 5), Cascading Style Sheet 3 (CSS 3) and JavaScript. We are going ahead to discuss the gameplay of Little Alchemy in this article, ‘How To Make Energy In Little Alchemy’.


The Little Alchemy game has an interesting gameplay. The gameplay of this award-winning game is related to Chemistry. Everyone who has some basic knowledge of Chemistry, knows that substances react in Chemistry to yield new substance. The gameplay of this game is similar to that. In the game, we have items called elements. These elements react with one another to yield new elements. At the beginning of this game, a player will be given four elements. These four elements that will be given are known as basic elements. The basic elements of all Alchemy players are the same. These basic elements are namely Air, Earth, Water and Fire.


How To Make Energy in Little Alchemy – The Process 


Energy is a very resourceful Little Alchemy element. This element can combine with a good number of elements, and it also has a lot of unique products. The resourcefulness of this element makes it a highly sought after element. Good enough, the element is not difficult to create. Energy can be created from two combinations. One of the combinations is very easy, while the other is relatively difficult, compared to the first combination. The first combination is the combination of Air and Fire. Do not forget that Air and Fire are two basic elements. The other combination capable of producing Energy is the combination of Plant and Sun. If you do not have any of Plant and Sun, ensure that you read this article to the end as we’ll briefly discuss how to make them.


Products Of Energy


Just as we stated earlier, Energy is a very resourceful element. This element has over 15 Alchemy combinations and it can produce about 15 unique elements. Elements with which Energy can react with are: Air, Bicycle, Cloud, Earth, Explosion, Fruit, Human, Juice, Metal, Milk, Sand, Avalanche, Swamp, Sword, Volcano, Water and Wind. The products of Energy are namely: Wind, Motorcycle, Storm, Earthquake, Atomic Bomb, Wizard, Sugar, Electricity, Butter, Sandstorm, Avalanche, Life, Lightsaber, Ash, Eruption, Steam and Hurricane. Giving details of Energy’s combinations, Energy + Air = Wind, Energy + Bicycle = Motorcycle, Energy + Cloud = Storm, Energy + Earth = Earthquake, Energy + Explosion = Atomic Bomb, Energy + Fruit = Sugar, Energy + Human = Wizard, Energy + Juice = Sugar, Energy + Metal = Electricity, Energy + Milk = Butter, Energy + Sand = Sandstorm, Energy + Snow = Avalanche, Energy + Swamp = Life, Energy + Sword = Lightsaber, Energy + Volcano = Ash, Energy + Eruption, Energy + Water = Steam, Energy + Wind = Hurricane.


How To Make Plant and Sun

Both Plant and Sun are two highly resourceful elements which are interestingly not difficult to make. Furthermore, both of these elements have parents that are basic elements. When Fire is combined with Sky, the element that is yielded is Sun. The combination of Earth and Rain give Plant. Plant is a parent to about 25 elements, while Sun is a parent to about 20 elements. You can read some of our other articles in the Little Alchemy articles series: ‘How To Make Internet In Little Alchemy‘, ‘How To Make Space In Little Alchemy‘ and ‘How To Make Electricity In Little Alchemy’.

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