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Tips for playing Little Alchemy 2


When you first start playing the Little Alchemy game, it is easy to create new elements. Just choose an element, then drag another element to it, and you create a new element or material like fallout shelter hacks or skyscrapers! As you progress, however, some combinations, you think of refuse to create new elements. You continue playing the game, and at a point, it appears like there is no other combination that will yield a new element. Most of us have been through this problem.

If you really want to complete the game, there are two things you can do. One, you can program a computer to try every possible combination in the game, and then tell you those combinations that yielded new elements. Two, you can reach out to other little alchemy players and ask them about combinations that have worked for them, Alchemy game guide.

The first option is the best way out; unfortunately, you will have to be a programmer – a good programmer. Are you one? I guess not. In short, the first option is quite infeasible. What about the second option? It really sounds possible.

Interestingly, you have just implemented the second option. You have just implemented the second option by reading this article. This article will provide over a hundred combinations that yielded new elements. So, get ready to try any new combination you find in this article.

Before we delve into the combinations, I want to explain something about the presentation of our combinations. We will select an element, and then all other elements that combine with it as well as their resulting element.

Element: Air

+Air = Pressure; +Cloud = Sky; +Dinosaur = Pterodactyl; +Earth = Dust; +Egg = Bird; +Energy = Wind; +Fire = Energy; +Lava = Stone; +Life = Bird; +Metal = Rust; +Pressure = Atmosphere & Wind; +Steam = Cloud; +Steel = Rust; +Stone = Sand; +Water = Rain; +Wave = Sound; +Soap = Soap Bubble; +Wine = Vinegar.

Element: Water

+Air = Rain; +Airplane = Seaplane; +Bird = Duck; +Carbon Dioxide = Soda; +Chicken = Chicken Soup; +Cloud = Rain; +Energy = Steam; +Fire = Steam; +Flour = Dough; +Garden = Pond; +Glass = Aquarium; + +Grass = Dew; +Rainbow = Paint; +Sand = Beach; +Steam Engine = Steamboat.

Element: Fire:

+Air = Energy; +Bird = Phoenix; +Bread = Toast; +Carbon Dioxide = Fire Extinguisher; +Clay = Pottery & Brick; +Mud = Brick; +Ocean = Salt; +Pig = Bacon; +Plant = Tobacco; +Sandwich = Toast; +Tree = Charcoal; +Water = Steam; +Wax = Candle; +Wood = Charcoal & Campfire & Smoke; +Oil = Oil Lamp.

Element: Earth

+Air = Dust; +Bird = Ostrich; +Cloud = Fog; +Coffin = Grave; +Corpse = Grave; +Dinosaur = Fossil; +Earth = Pressure; +Earthquake = Mountain; +Sky = Horizon; +Space = Planet; +Steam = Geyser; +Tool = Field; +Water = Mud; +Wave = Earthquake.

Element: Life

+Air = Bird; +Armor = Robot; +Clay = Golem; +Corpse = Zombie; +Double Rainbow = Unicorn; +Dough = Gingerbread Man; +Earth = Human; +Steel = Robot; +Stone = Egg; +Swamp = Bacteria; +Water = Plankton; +Wood = Pinocchio.


Little Alchemy is a game that can keep you interested for hours, provided you know what you are doing. The little Alchemy game is not a game just anyone can play without any assistance, but this article has given you some ideas of what to do in case you are stuck.

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