Top 5 Township Game Tips And Tricks- NEWLY Updated


Top 5 Township Game Tips And Tricks

 township game tips tricks.

Township is an interesting city-building game which is played by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. The game which was developed, and is being maintained by Supercell is available on Facebook games (with the help of Adobe Flash), Android and an iOS.The game is a freemium game and most often played by Nigerians. You can as well check for price in Nigeria for some other related games and products. Just like most freemium games, you will get stuck at some point unless you buy some premium items. However, the good news is that you can avoid getting stuck without buying anything if you can employ some great tips and tricks. This is the reason why we are putting up this article for Township game players.

The article will discuss top 5 township game tips and tricks, and here we go

Firstly, we will discuss four township game tips. After discussing these four tips, we will go ahead to discuss the trick we have.


  1. Expand Your Town Early Enough


The first tip on our list is: ‘expand your town early enough.’ A lot of newcomers in Township see no need to expand their town at the early stage of their game. Meanwhile, early expansion can save you a lot of resources. In fact, it can even aid the speedy development of your town. Failure to expand your town as early as possible will not only deny you of some great rewards; it will also cost you resources. So every new Township player should keep this at the back of their mind.


  1. Pay Good Attention To Farming


One of the backbones of Township is farming. Farming plays a very crucial role in the development of a town. The need for farming grows exponentially in the game, and being able to meet up with such demand in a short period infers exponential development of your town in a short period. Unfortunately, not all Township game players are aware of this fact. Some players do not realize this until it is late. They end up spending more time than necessary to develop their town. Now that you know this as a new game player, you should keep it in mind so that you can have meaningful development in a short period.


  1. Plant As Much Wheat As Possible


This tip is related to the previous one. While farming is a good practice, cultivation of the wrong type of crops or cultivation of appropriate crops in the wrong proportion can be unfavorable. When I stated that you should focus on farming, it does not mean you should cultivate randomly. Some crops are more useful than the others, so care should be taken not to plant less useful crops. Wheat ranks number one among the most useful crops to cultivate. So take your time to plant a lot of wheat, as it can help your town in developing fast.


  1. Take Your Time To Complete Orders


Coins are not so easy to earn. If you wish to earn lots of coins, you should simply devote time to completing orders. Despite the fact that coins are not easy to earn, they are very valuable items that you should strive to earn. You should not wait until the need for coins starts pressing you.


  1. Bring Your Helicopter Back Home Soon


When you fulfill an order, your helicopter is used to transport the items you sold. However, when this helicopter leaves, they take a long time to return to you. To avoid such delays, employ this simple trick. Immediately your helicopter takes off for delivery, visit another player’s town, then go back to your town. When you get back to your town, you will be surprised to see that your helicopter is back. It is as simple as that.

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