Toy Blast Cheats On Android – Full Process

Toy Blast Cheats On Android – Full Process

Toy Blast Cheats On Android

How To Get Toy Blast Cheats On Android

Toy Blast cheats on android is a very interesting puzzle game which is available on many platforms. The puzzle game involves assisting Amy. Amy’s objective is to claim all her toys. There are different kinds of puzzles that are come a crossed in the game. These puzzles lead you to help Amy find her prized toys. Toy Blast is, however, available on a wide range of platforms. These platforms include: iOS (iTunes App Store), Online (Facebook) and Android (Goggle Play Store). This puzzle game has over 300, 000 downloads. You can play it with a compatible browser, Android smartphone or Apple iPhone.

Talking about the technique involved in playing the game, Toy Blast involves matching at least two similar blocks together. You can match 2 blocks, 3 blocks, 4 blocks, etc. However, blocks that can be matched together are those that are similar in color. As you match blocks together, you progress until you finally complete that level. The levels in the game are so many, and more levels are being added regularly. Using some Toy Blast cheats allow you to get Toy Blast free coins. You can use the coins in your game. While Amy’s objective is to collect her toys, the player’s objective is to Assist Amy. The players objective is to help Amy by matching similar blocks.

Just like most other games, as you progress in level, the games becomes tougher. As a player progresses, they will come across puzzles with limited moves. Your ability to solve these puzzles is a function of your outcome. Great ability to solve the puzzles infers great outcome in the game.

There is however nothing like candy crushing. You should not expect to farm as well. The game is all about puzzles. You will be required to solve challenging and interesting puzzles. It also involves busting blocks while you solve puzzles. There are however boosters available in the game. Some of these boosters include brick-busting, vacuums, rechargeable power-ups, drills, TNT and paint brushes.

toy blast unlimited lives

Alternatively ( A very Long Process):

1. Changing Your Device Time

I have said it earlier; Toy Blast is available on a wide range of platforms. These platforms including: Online, Android and iOS. If you are playing this game online, this cheat would not work. This cheat can work for people who have the game installed on their device.

What Does This Toy Blast Cheat Do?

This Toy Blast cheat helps the player regain life. Having life is your visa to progressing in the game. You get stuck without having more life. So this cheat can help you regain your lost life.


How Does This Toy Blast Cheat Work?


First and foremost, before you start playing your game, you should reverse your device time. Take back your device 3 hours ago in time. If the present time is 11:00am, then change it to 8:00am. After reversing your device’s time, you can start playing your game. When you are ready to fill up your life, change your device’s time to the correct time. After changing the time, you will end up with a full life.

2. Connecting Your Game To Facebook

What Does This Toy Blast Cheat Do?

This cheat is simple and straight forward. It helps a player to get Toy Blast free coins. Getting Toy Blast free coins is not so easy, but this cheat is here to help you out.


How Does This Toy Blast Cheat Work?


Just like I said, this cheat is relatively simple. All you need to do is to connect your game to Facebook. When you make the connection, you will receive 25 Toy Blast free coins.


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